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 Buff to Conjurer

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PostSubject: Buff to Conjurer   Buff to Conjurer EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 3:26 am

The Durability and Damage value of Objects created are now equal to the Aura within the object.

Quote :
Creations use the template for custom objects, with the value for base damage and durability together being equal to the initial Aura within the object (damage + durability = Aura). Durability may not be less than 10% of the Aura.

When writing a Conjurer Technique please note on the Object how much % of the Aura goes towards each attribute. For example:

Quote :
Pen of Admin

Damage: 10%
Durability: 90%
Linked Attribute: Precision
Value: N/A

Description: A sword with the power to change any rule.

I realize that before Objects might have been a bit too weak, in my effort to make sure that they are not too strong, especially how easy it is to reach Shock Damage to break an item with one attack and hope this is enough to strengthen the objects. Keep in mind that as beginner you can always use Usable Aura to strengthen the durability of the object temporary, to withstand an attack if necessary.
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Buff to Conjurer
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