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 My View on the Nen Types

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My View on the Nen Types Empty
PostSubject: My View on the Nen Types   My View on the Nen Types EmptySat Jul 25, 2015 2:29 pm

The Nen Types

I want to give a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the 6 different Nen Types that exist. This is mostly how I see it and I'm sure that with enough creativity a User can actually come to a different result.


These guys are the front line, their skills are mostly “put Aura in my fist and punch things hard”. They also can boost their Attributes far better than anyone else, making it possible to win a fight without any special techniques.

I think this type is great on its own, but also amazing as addition to any other Nen. Some may think it is very boring and basic, but I feel like it can be very cool depending on the person using it.


Most likely the most powerful, due to the fact that their skills cost less Aura, but also burdened with running out of Aura much faster than any other class. Since it is hard to dodge ranged attacks they become even stronger.

I think this type is limited early but with enough resources becomes really strong. I feel it is important that they do not negate their basic attributes, because just using their skills will leave them without any Aura very fast.


The Type I picked. It allows for some cool creative skills, both melee and ranged, but lacks the strength Enhancer or Emitter have. The type makes up for it with more control. Manipulating either big or small objects similar to telekinesis is also great addition and ace up one's sleeve together with basic combat.

Especially at the highest ranks this type can become incredible scary, being able to manipulate NPCs and even players, but this requires a lot of training. This is not the only strength I see. Combined with Emitter or Conjurer this type has a ton of possibilities.


I feel like Transmuter, similar to Manipulator, is slightly lacking in rare power. They are also mostly limited to close range attacks, but they can much like Manipulator make up for it with creativity. Transmuter makes it possible to change almost all aspects about their own Aura, from the shape to other properties like temperature. They can even make their Aura something totally different.

I see Transmitter as one of the best types to start as, just because next to them they have Enhancer and Conjurer, which allows them to easily boost their basics with Emitter and expand their arsenal with Conjurer. Also Transmitter itself allows for really fun things.


The most convoluted rules were written for this type, because they are almost as special as Specialist. They can conjurer not only single objects, like giant swords, they can also conjure multiple small objects with almost no limitation, since they draw from their total Aura pool instead of their Usable Aura when doing so.

The biggest weakness they have is durability, because early on their objects will be easy to break. Their biggest strength is that with enough creativity they can create incredible powerful objects and the best about it is that these objects than can have their own skills. By splitting their Aura between themselves and their object, they basically make each fight a two versus one.


As Admin this type scares me the most. It will be hard to balance some things I think. Also I can't really tell you what this type is about, just because it is so special.

My View on the Nen Types OTzxkIF
I feel like the Author of Hunter X Hunter did a great job when he created Nen and put them into the hexagon. Because from Enhancer to Specialist the type go from pure strength to creativity. If I were to rank them it would be like this:

Creative Potential
- Conjurer
- Transmuter
- Manipulator
- Emitter
- Enhancer

Pure Strength
- Enhancer
- Emitter
- Transmuter
- Conjurer
- Manipulator
I left Specialist out, because well, it is special.
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My View on the Nen Types
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