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 [0] Maria's Cat #6

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PostSubject: [0] Maria's Cat #6   [0] Maria's Cat #6 EmptySun Jul 12, 2015 9:55 am

Maria's Cat #6

Difficulty: 0
Word Count: 1000
Reward: 500 Jenny, 5 EXP

Description: The cat of a rich egocentric lady seems to have become possessed by a minor demon, during her trip through the Republic of East Gorteau. Demons obviously do not exist but something seems wrong with the cat either way. Take the moody and mean cat to multiple exorcists and try to solve the problem, before bringing it back to its owner.

  • Meet the lady in Peijin and get the cat from here
  • Look for a way to solve the cat's super bad mood
  • Bring the cat back, once its mood is fixed and get your reward
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[0] Maria's Cat #6
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