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 [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson   [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson EmptySat Oct 10, 2015 4:21 am

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson
Age: 17 years
Eye color: amber
Hair color: white
Weight & Height: 39kg / 129cm

Appearance & Clothing: Short of stature, thin as a rail and strong contrast between skin and hair color. That's the basic outline. On top of getting genetically unlucky with how her build would turn out, Laverne also never had any game with gaining body mass from eating. So, even with her almost adult age of 17 years, the girl is still easily confused with a wholly different age group just based on visual appearance. The only things on her growing apparently well are the silvery strands of hair. It's almost like all pigmentation had accidentally gone to the skin, as that is of a very dark color, not exactly usual to have that much of a disparity.

Based on Laverne's somewhat ambiguous frame and build, she tends to have a wide variety of dresscodes. Some days it might be modern casual wear like shirts and jeans, other times more sophisticated things like suits or uniforms might be in style. Due to her whimsical nature in that regard, it's hard to nail the girl down to a specific style. Only one thing is guaranteed, revealing clothing does not happen close to regularly, after all she does not have the figure or appeal for it.

Special features: Outrageously long hair and almost comically short stature are sure to always draw attention.

Origin and family

Origin: Yorknew City – Yorbian Continent

Family & close People:
Ole Sorenson (Father) & Gracia Sorenson (Mother) – Average middle-class career people, parents to a single child for which they could not exactly agree on a single name. Unconnected to their love for their daughter, they are also rather dedicated to their careers.

Ioana Hedy (former Roommate) – Probably the only person who can stand being around Laverne for extended time periods, even if only out of bare necessity. Boarding school does not exactly care if your roommate is maddening to be around, so they eventually got used to each other, and by extension, Ioana tends to be less targeted by Laverne's escapades and even if she is, she's sort of used to that by now.


Personality & Behaviour: Most notably, Laverne is a nuisance to be around. Having developed into a fine annoyance, she enjoys confusing and misleading people. For the most part in harmless ways. But she can't deny entertaining some sadistic tendencies if the opportunity arises to draw joy from the pain and suffering of those around her. The short-statued girl will shamelessly lie to people and spread false information purely to watch the subjects struggle. This makes her hard to be trusted, as almost no amount of urgency and seriousness in a given situation detracts her from looking for her favorite kind of amusement. As such she's prone to using others like tools with no restraint when it comes to changing allegiances. There amount of promises she's intentionally kept can probably be counted on a single hand.

A generally whimsical nature usually lets her walk a fine line between doing the 'right' and 'wrong' things. Her sense of justice, for example is not necessarily oriented to average moral standards and tends to sway whichever way seems more fun in a heat of the moment style. Usually positive by extension of being the one leading others on and having hardly any worries, there is no middle ground for Laverne's mood changes. Easily angered and sometimes outright provoked if she can't find a new, interesting distraction or gets outsmarted by potential victims, the girl deals mostly in extremes.

All of this stems from her personality problem of becoming bored with anything rather quickly, always on the lookout for a new form of entertainment. This only deepened in the years of boarding school she eventually went through. Simply because that experience was even more dull with classes and practically living at school in the off hours as well. Naturally, this trait did not mesh very well with her studies and grades. While she definitely has wits, Laverne lacks the focus to become a real genius in a more practical field, scoring just barely acceptable grades on pretty much every subject. As such, the girl exists primarily in the here and now, not spending too many a thought on the future or any long term circumstances and rather takes one bird in her hand then two in the bush.

Of course her day does not consist of stalking around to play petty pranks on people. If there just plain isn't a good opportunity, Laverne will be content with doing normal activities. Like going out to shop or relax, or whatever else strikes fancy, really. Naturally interesting things happen while doing that. But even then, her short-term way of doing things shines through.

Ultimately, Laverne is rough to talk to mostly because of her absolutely not caring about formalities or being particularly nice. Similarly she is usually very straightforward be it giving opinions or trying to get information and asking questions. In tow with this harsh style of socializing, Laverne will make a point to find nicknames for everyone she is introduced to and only using those instead of people's real ones – bar very, very few exceptions maybe.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
What is good and bad may be in the eye of the beholder or the circumstances, as not much is truly black and white.

  • Easily distracted – She's generally fast to have her attention diverted from any one thing to a different one, making her a very jumpy person.
  • Excitement junkie – Things need to happen around this girl, almost constantly, otherwise she'll loose interest and focus sooner or later.
  • Carefree – Normally Laverne makes decisions on a very short-term basis and leaps into action whenever prompted, with little regard for possible consequences.
  • Ruthless – With a conscience that's been blindfolded and gagged long ago, this girl usually does not have any qualms about leaving people to their fates, or straight up pushing them into the proverbial knife. Especially not if she profits from it in some way.
  • Easily offended – As much as this girl can dish, she definitely can't take. Especially comments on her short height, undeveloped boyish figure and dark skin rile her up quickly.
  • Barely graduated – Having graduated does not necessarily mean much. Laverne has got the basics like reading, writing and maths down. But the more advanced stuff like history, current affairs, sciences and others, she'll have a cursory knowledge about, at best.

Goals: Just like most things for her, Laverne's life goals are very short-termed and simple minded. Besides looking to make any kind of living that will provide not only money to live with but also constantly new, interesting things, there's another simple wish. To travel a lot, go many places, see many things, have a constant flow of new distractions. And by extension to that, obviously, get into the position to do that in the first place.
Maybe something minor and less nebulous would be to at some point find and meet one of the  very few people she kind of looks up to. Seweryn Ververs being the author to a majority of books Laverne has read voluntarily and used to teach herself skills akin to the ones he himself apparently employs.


Laverne's childhood went mostly well. She got to live with her family for a fair while, got to go to school regularly and had friends. The only real critical thing was the fact her parents were about to get a divorce over cheating accusations based on her skin color difference. But as it turned out, father-side genes just came through in full force. As such, a light skinned man and woman can have a fairly dark-skinned child just from the father having a dark-skinned father of his own. So after a short time of rough waters, all went reasonably well for the family. Gracia spent the first few years on heavily reduced workload as she obviously had a kid to take care of, but since they both had solid middle-class footing it was not much of a problem.

Eventually though, as the early years had passed, things slowly changed. Living costs go up, earnings go down and more hours are requested at work. Eventually it got to the point where both her parents were not at home most of the time just do provide adequately. Being reasonably far into the educational system but not quite as independent as to be left to care for herself longer then a morning or afternoon, young Laverne eventually was put in boarding school. While she was not immediately on board to leave home to spend most of the year at school in Yorknew, she eventually reluctantly agreed. Mostly for the prospect of seeing new sights and the fact that living more or less in the city promised to be far more interesting.

In retrospect most of these expectations were probably wildly overestimated. Boarding school was, as expected, mostly attending school and living on school premises by school rules using school facilities. Not to mention dealing with snobby other kids of many age ranges between 10 and 18 years of age. While Laverne luckily ended up in a room with Ioana, who'd eventually grow to be almost her only so called friend instead of joining the chorus of people picking on the, even for her age, incredibly short new girl.

Between dealing with that and the strict ground rules of the dormitory that did not actually allow for as much freedom as she had initially thought, a change of character eventually came about. Sick of being the one targeted, the short girl started to motivate herself into one-upping her teen year adversaries by turning the game around on them. It was an almost painful process of training herself into having snide remarks and always the last word as well as intentionally going into confrontation with others.
But unsurprisingly, the feeling of being the one bullying others was much better then being the victim. And setting people up for mischief of all kinds, as opportunities arise definitely provided a much needed distraction from the comparably dull life in boarding school. Only every once in a while they'd be allowed to venture into town and the like for variety, so this was very appreciated by her.

In turn with that, the dark skinned teenager for once managed to focus on something for the long term enough to actually gain from it. In detail, this was about a book she'd managed ot get highly interested in and read fully. Written by someone going by the name of  Seweryn Ververs, a self-proclaimed retired hunter and magician, it mostly concerned itself with his post-retirement career of using a skill learned back in the hunter business to craft his magic tricks. While the girl was not exactly into entertaining tricks, the idea of being able to take her game to a whole new level if she had a skill like that, lead her to practically eat, breathe and sleep the implementations from the book's pages, and a couple other books the guy wrote. Never before had she been that dedicated to the same thing for so long, not even in school. The feeling of actually gaining something from consistent focused effort was quite amazing. Nonetheless, it did not translate well into school achievements or grades at all. If only being annoying and mean was a subject.

So the years came and went, Laverne spent the whole required school years in boarding with roughly half-yearly visits home and occasional phone calls. Going from a preteen to a young adult in that environment certainly changed her personality to the way it will probably stay for ever, while the mandatory teaching only ever so superficially left it's marks. Graduating with seventeen years of age due to unlucky placement of her birth date in the year and only just barely acceptable final exam results, the girl now stood in front of a new challenge. That being finding a way ot earn a living, fending for herself proper and leave the relative isolation of staying in a dorm.

Character Image

[Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson PniKXKX

Avatar origin: Doppel (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou)

Writing Sample

Classes had long since finished and everyone was expected to be either in their rooms or the library to work on their 'homework' and review the day's topics. But Laverne being Laverne, didn't often participate in what was expected. While she was in her room, the last thing on her mind was class review. In fact, nothing was on her mind. Just lieing face up on her bed, limbs stretched in all directions, being bored. While the boredom did not go away from doing that, she couldn't exactly bother to instigate some kind of action right now. After all, she'd only gotten into trouble earlier that same day, endless reprimands form every person of authority she passed and everything.
At some point an undefined time later, she got brutally torn out of her empty thoughts by the door flying open. Her roommate Ioana had returned, probably from being a good student and reviewing lectures.
"I see, someone's busy defending their title as master slacker." - "I see someone else is busy trying to build their lead in the ranks of the teacher's pets." This wasn't exactly an out of the ordinary greeting between them. Regardless of the other person in the room, Laverne made no effort about getting up to look at her while they talked. "I'm fairly sure there's a good middle ground for both of us we could agree on. You could use those grades." Ioana pretended to lecture her friend about school performance and it's importance, as usual. She knew it was pretty much fruitless. "Classes are already boring enough on their own, how much worse would it be if i got an overdose of that." It was practically the same as always, the two couldn't be more polar opposites, but they got along somehow. Probably because the taller girl knew fairly well it was not her decision to make about other people's lives. And Laverne pretty much just appreciated her being the only person to not side with her bullies – school staff not counting. "They said anything about next opportunity to go into the city for an afternoon?" she wondered. A trip like that was exactly what she so desperately needed to have a change from life in the dorm. And that was one of the problems of getting into minor trouble, you happen to kind of miss out on possibly important information like that. "They did." The response came dry. "But as usual, grounded individuals are not allowed to."
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Posts : 16

Character sheet
Jenny: 1000

[Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson   [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson EmptySat Oct 10, 2015 4:21 am

Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10

Strength - 10 - Rank 1
Precision - 10 - Rank 1
Resilience - 10 - Rank 1
Speed - 10 - Rank 1


Native Nen: Emitter
Nen Theme: Art of Misdirection

Mostly dealing in tricking the perception of targets, the primary focus lies on opening opportunities to strike rather then employing the Aura of the user to generate forceful attacks.


Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 1


- N/A -


- N/A -
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Posts : 16

Character sheet
Jenny: 1000

[Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson   [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson EmptyTue Oct 13, 2015 8:47 pm

Added Emitter Nen from here.
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[Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson   [Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson Empty

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[Nen-User] Laverne Morgan Joss Sorenson
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