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 Guide, read before posting!

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Guide, read before posting! Empty
PostSubject: Guide, read before posting!   Guide, read before posting! EmptyFri Jul 10, 2015 7:11 pm

Here you buy techniques after you created them in the Custom Skills Forum. To do so please make a topic in the forum which represents how the technique is related to your Native Nen and there link the approved technique you are buying from the Custom Skills Forum. Each user should only make one topic per forum and use this for all his or her purchases. After purchasing a technique you may add it to your character's sheet. Make one post per skill purchased!

Creating your buying topic does not count as your first purchase and does not take away EXP. However, each additional post here automatically takes EXP from your account, the amount depends on the forum:

Native Nen: 15
Neighbouring Nen: 30
Second Grade Neighbouring Nen: 50
Opposite Nen: 100

Conjurer Object Technique: 15

Please pay attention to post in the right forum. As reminder here is the Nen Hexagon again:

Guide, read before posting! OTzxkIF
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Guide, read before posting!
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