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 [WIP] Sebastian Blackwood

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Sebastian Blackwood

Sebastian Blackwood

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PostSubject: [WIP] Sebastian Blackwood   [WIP] Sebastian Blackwood EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 11:18 am

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Sebastian Blackwood
Age: 18
Eye color: Crimson
Hair color: Blonde
Weight & Height: 190 centimeters(6'3"), 73 Kg(163 lbs)

Appearance & Clothing: Sebastian coming to a height of 190 centimeters is quite the tall man. He has silky, golden-blonde hair that stops at his neck. He either wears his hair slicked back or casually free flowing. He carries an aura of confident around him, one befit for a leader. When a person sees him they usually think that he is in a high position somewhere. His face looks youthful making it a wonder how he easily disregards time. What attracts people the most about his face is his crimson eyes and his slitted pupils. His body is fairly toned from the nen and martial arts training he has taken.

Coming from a ridiculously rich family he has developed a great fashion sense. He can be always seen wearing something luscious. His shoes, his pants, even the socks he uses is always name brand. He can be seen regularly wearing rectangular golden earrings that he got from his butler, James.

Special features: Eyes and youthful glow.

Origin and family

Origin: Yorknew City

Family & close People:

Jacob Blackwood: Sebastian's father and the person who runs the company. For Jacob job came first and family came second. This led to him neglecting his family which in turn made Sebastian's mother leave.

Christina Blackwood: Sebastian’s mother who left the family because of Jacob. Unbeknownst to Sebastian, Jasper still keeps in touch with her and Jacob occasionally sends her money.

Cecilia Blackwood: Sebastian's younger sister and she recently turned eight. Sebastian makes sure to give Cecilia plenty of attention since he knows first hand how difficulty it is to cope with their father's neglect.

Jasper: The family servant of the Blackwood household. Picked up as a young child on the streets by Jacob he has been with the family ever since. To Sebastian he is like a father figure and in turn Jasper thinks of Sebastian like his own son. Even though Sebastian still treats him like a servant and Jasper treats Sebastian like the master they are still like family.


Personality & Behaviour:

Strengths & Weaknesses:



Sebastian was born to Jacob Blackwood and Christina Blackwood. His father was only focused on his job and slowly but surely neglected his family. When an argument broke out between Christina and Jacob it became fatal. Christina left Jacob and Sebastian behind to live her life somewhere else. The only person she trusted was Jasper, the family’s servant, and she told him where she was going and how to contact her. With that Sebastian didn’t have a mother figure in his life.

Jasper had always been alone in the world. Left in the slums of Yorknew City he was picked up by Jacob Blackwood when they were still children. Jasper had always wanted a child of his own but his body simply didn’t allow it. He didn’t have the time or paycheck to raise a child. When he was tasked to take care of Sebastian he couldn’t of been happier. Looking over him and watching him grow was joyous for him. It was like Sebastian was his own kid.

Even though his father neglected him and his mother wasn’t around, Sebastian had Jasper. Jasper was like a father to Sebastian. Sebastian would always come home and tell Jasper about his day while Jasper was cleaning the house. The old man would always have a smile while listening to Sebastian. Jasper’s smile was so bright that it could dispel any darkness. One day Sebastian asked Jasper why did he always smile to which Jasper responded with four simple words. “It’s because of you,” Jasper said. That was a moment that Sebastian would never forget.

Sebastian’s life in elementary school was enjoyable. He played with the other children and did his school work. Sebastian was a fairly sociable kid though none of the friends he made in elementary school would last. On one night he could faintly hear the sounds of Jasper and Sebastian’s father arguing but over what? Sebastian didn’t know nor did he dare find out. Days past and the fighting had only gotten worse until one day his father started to act strange. Strange as in he started to interact more with Sebastian, it was unsettling.

Though soon enough the father's real intentions came to light.

Character Image

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Avatar origin: Gilgamesh, Fate/Stay Night

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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Sebastian Blackwood   [WIP] Sebastian Blackwood EmptyTue Oct 13, 2015 9:52 am

Is this still being worked on? It's been a little while.
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[WIP] Sebastian Blackwood
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