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 [Job] Taking Care Of A Brat

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PostSubject: [Job] Taking Care Of A Brat   [Job] Taking Care Of A Brat EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 10:14 am

Alice had checked her bank balance, yes even she had a bank account. She even had an email address and actual letter box. Is it so odd for a girl with out a actual home to have these? Anyway, the bank looked a bit dry and the girl needed some cash for food and maybe some cloths or other fun things. Which had lead her to the main street of Zaban City to meet with a client that paid some good money for easy work. Her unkempt hair for once was actually in place and she had put on her cleanest set of cloths. Being a chaos loving psychopath, did not mean that she did not understand the value of a good first impression, when it came to work and other contacts.

Anyway! At the appointed time she found herself standing at the meeting spot. From what she had heard the client was a rich lady and her daughter, all she had to do was keep the brat entertained while the old woman got some gifts for her. Did not sound like a very hard task and paid surprisingly well. A few minutes later appeared an older lady, by Alice's guess around forty and with her she brought the object of the job, a little pipsqueak, around ten years old. For a moment Alice thought about her time at that age and all the stupid things she had done, then she commenced with the introductions, putting up the sweetest smile she was able to perform. “My name is Alice, nice to meet you.”

“Yes, yes, I'm in a hurry, I guess you know how to entertain a child, this is Sandy. I meet you back here in two hours, if anything comes up I call her phone!” With those quick words, the woman disappeared just as quick as she had appeared. Alice did not mind, she enjoyed it when people made things quick and easy. Her task was just taking care of the child: “Soooo what do you want to do? Eat some cake, ice cream, go to a candy store, maybe look at some toys or puppies?” But the child did not answer right away, instead she stared at Alice with a judging glare. “I know a great cake shop, lets go there first okay?” Again no answer, honestly it was slightly annoying, to the point that Alice just took the girls hand and began to drag her towards the shop she had in mind. “I want to go watch a movie!” “Good, that works too.” Alice smiled and quickly turned around. She remembered that all expenses were paid for, so it did not matter to her where they went and the cinema was not far away.

“Which one do you want to watch?” Alice asked once they stood at the cinema and looked at the movie posters. The selection ranged from some stupid children movie about a princess and a snowman, guessing from the poster, to the Kukuroo Mountain Handdrill Massacre. “They all suck!” Answered the child quickly and it made Alice laugh. “Want to do something else then?” “No!” “Well then pick one that sucks the least.” She tried to keep a smile up, even when the girl just decided things on a whim. “Okay, then that one!” To no surprise the girl pointed at the most stupid one about the princess and snowman, but work was work, so Alice agreed and quickly went to get some tickets. “Actually I want to watch that one!” On a whim the girl had changed her mind when Alice was back with the tickets and pointed at the poster of a movie about robots that could transform into bicycles, which sounded just as stupid, but fine, Alice quickly went to get tickets for that instead. “Ah that one does not start for half an hour, lets watch that one instead!” The girls finger again pointed to a different poster, a movie about a guy that made millions by creating a website where people could avoid any real social contact with others and limit it to sending messages and giving “likes”. “But this is the last time you can change your mind, are you sure?” Sandy looked at Alice a bit upset but nodded. Alice was sure the movie did not only sound boring to her, but would be even more boring for a young child, but she got the tickets regardless and this time before Sandy could change her mind again she dragged her along to the snack shop. “Do you want any snacks?” “No you just get fat if you eat too many sweets!” That answer hurt somewhat, but since it were just the words of a child Alice brushed it off and was happy to just get it over with.

It was not even ten minutes later and the two stood outside of the cinema again. Honestly Alice was slightly confused about what she was supposed to do with this brat. “What do you mean you did not like the movie? We did not even get past the trailers!” If it was her money the girl was wasting she would already have punched her, luckily it was not. “I want to go eat some cake instead.” “But, didn't you say that sweats make you fat?” “Why would I say that, you must be stupid!” Alice bit her tongue before she could start yelling. Cake was a good idea anyway, it helped with the babysitters mood too!

Instead of complaining she lead the girl to the closest store and ordered the two of them some cakes, a wide selection, so that the brat could find one or two she actually liked. Two seemed to hit the girls taste and some of the others were good enough to keep Alice happy. Quite some time passed while the two girls were getting along rather well. Talking about cakes and comparing tastes, as they went through half, then all of the cakes the shop had to offer. “You aren't such a bad brat after all”, thought Alice as she chewed on the tenth cake.

Before they knew it, it was time to deliver the girl back to her mother and with a little bit of regret Alice said her good-byes, before accepting the reward with little to no regret.
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[Job] Taking Care Of A Brat
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