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 [DONE] Alice

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PostSubject: [DONE] Alice   [DONE] Alice EmptySat Sep 26, 2015 6:58 am

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Alice
Age: 17
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Red
Weight & Height: 60kg, 172cm

Appearance & Clothing: Alice has long, often unkempt, red hair, amber coloured eyes and an average figure. She mostly wears simple clothes, sometimes the uniform from the only school she ever visited and often comfortable shoes.

Special Features: Cat like amber coloured eyes.

Origin & Family

Origin: Alice grew up somewhere on the Azian Continent and spend most of her youth, being send from one orphanage to the next, with no strong attachment to anyone she met.

Family & Close People: None


Personality & Behaviour: Alice is a strange girl, she has a strong attraction towards chaos and conflict. Someone might say she just wants to see the world burn, but it does not have to be that extreme. She just loves playing tricks on people and watch them lose their cool. This also means she hates tranquillity and boredom. She believes that no matter what change, change is always good, that only through change things can improve and that conflict is the best way to learn new things.

Alice can often be found in the centre of a conflict, be it a small brawl or just a dispute between friends. She not only likes to start such conflicts, but also loves to take part in then. This often gets her heated up too and she tends to lose her cool on many occasion, which is her greatest joy, because Alice not only loves it when everything around her is in chaos she loves it when she herself feels enraged, losing the ability to think logical and just be thrown around, to find new aspects about herself and improve!

When Alice is not yet causing trouble she actually enjoys company, sweets and festivals. Anything out of the ordinary also attracts her attention, because again it is not part of a normal dull life.

Also to be clear, the girl is not evil, she just has her own issues.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths? Weaknesses sure!

Bad Personality: Alice can be a bitch and for that reason to deal with her one needs quite a lot of patience and thick skin.
Trouble Magnet: Attracts and causes trouble.
Hyper Active: She can not stand or sit still.
Short Attention Span: Make it short and snappy!
Bad Temper: Easily snaps and loses all ability to think about things logical.
Moody: Can swing from joyful to totally pissed within seconds.
Overly Brutal: Well if it hurts, it might as well hurt a lot.
Random Logic: Sometimes it only makes sense for her.
Sugar Addict: She becomes even worse when she lacks sugar!

Ah, but she is actually quite the good fighter, a bit ruthless and maybe brutal, but rather good and she is also surprisingly loyal towards the people that accept her.

Goals: Fun & Chaos: Alice wants a joyful chaotic life, she does not really aim for anything big, as long as she has enough to live she is happy. Best would be some work that is never dull, like maybe as a Hunter?


Alice was born as the child of a single mother and soon after found at the doorstep of a church, which then put her on the table of an orphanage, which actually took care of her till the girl reached the age of five, when she accidentally set the room in which she slept on fire, because she did not want to read a book and thought it would have been a good idea to get rid of it by setting it on fire.

Next stop was another orphanage, which barely managed to keep her for a year, before she was sent away, because she kept destroying the other children’s toys and dolls. The next one did not even last half a year and the one after that had to close down because the punishment towards Alice grew so extreme that the police had to take every child from the place and close it down.

Around ten she actually managed to stay in one place for a few years, till she stabbed a caretaker for no reason other than that she had gotten bored during a long walk, luckily the stab was only to the leg, but he could not work for a month and the girl had to leave the place.

The last place she found herself in was one for exactly her kind of teenagers. Almost everyone there was a bad person in their own way, which for once made her life less dull. Every day one or two of the children caused trouble and it was not rare that a fight broke out. It was pretty much a prison and the guards were harsh, there was some education and some strict punishments to “better” everyone. Almost non of the children were normal in their head and had their own problems to deal with, including Alice.  The most boring thing to ever happen was when doctors came to analyse her and list all the things wrong with her, what to do against them, together with the medicine she had to take to calm her mind.

At first she actually tried taking the medicine, but it just turned her into someone dull too and soon she stopped. Then they tried to force them into her and she decided that it was the best time to actually leave the place, so after setting her room on fire once again, she just disappeared from the place, during the commotion and begun a journey on her own.

The young girls has yet to make any strong bonds and connections with others and is aware that this might be the most difficult thing for her in life. She is not even sure if she actually needs others, but it would not be too bad. Another thing she really aims for is to find a fun job, where her “quirks” cause a bit less of a problem, for example maybe as a Hunter? It sounds like the least dull thing one can do in life!

Character Image

[DONE] Alice Y4i9PwW

Avatar Origin: Kobayashi Rindou - Shokugeki No Soma

Writing Sample

Catherine was walking down the busy streets of Yorknew City. She particularity enjoyed the the city and its people. Some might call them rude or distant, but to her they were all pleasant and interesting in their own way. There was the group of young boys that played soccer at the park near the hotel she was stating at, almost every day. A few days they before they had almost hit her with a ball, after which she had joined them for a short game, ending it with a five – two score! Next on her walk she meet the man that was always standing in front of his store, giving every person walking by a mean stare, but as soon as one entered he turned into the most pleasing person Catherine had ever met. He even managed to sell Catherine a remote for something she did not even own. Past the shop started the business area of Yornew. The streets were full with suits running from A to B, from B to C, from C to D and back again in unbelievable haste. Now and then an expensive car passed on the street and some big head or Mafia boss stepped out surrounded by bodyguards.

Catherine usually paused her walk in a small diner in that area, where she had breakfast. That day she also stopped there. Gave the blond young waitress a light smile and ordered the usual: A big cup of coffee and a cold pizza. It was the only place where she had seen cold pizza on the menu, it made her remember her time at the university.

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: [DONE] Alice   [DONE] Alice EmptySat Sep 26, 2015 6:58 am

Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10
Strength – 10 – Rank 1
Precision - 10 – Rank 1
Resilience - 10 – Rank 1
Speed - 10 – Rank 1


Native Nen:
Nen Theme: “Abstract Flames” - It's like fire, but different!

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -
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PostSubject: Re: [DONE] Alice   [DONE] Alice EmptySat Sep 26, 2015 7:24 am

Well enough. Repost and Nen and stuff.
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[DONE] Alice Empty
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[DONE] Alice
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