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 [Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: [Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye   [Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye EmptySun Aug 23, 2015 12:10 pm

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Nakiya “le Faye” (Last name nonexistent, but le Faye is what she commonly uses if it’s necessary to produce a surname)
Age: Fourteen
Eye Color: Dark Slate Grey
Hair Color: Black
Weight & Height: 42 kilograms, 160 centimeters

Appearance & Clothing: Nakiya has short black hair in a twintail style and somewhat innocent dark eyes. She wears a black sailor uniform with a red scarf and also a red belt that has a red side skirt cover. She also wears red gauntlets, and the entire outfit is completed by long black socks (reaching to her knees) as well as black mary-jane style shoes. Nakiya can nearly always be seen carrying around a small bag of cookies, which she will often be nibbling on or popping into her mouth with nonchalance. The girl will also typically be seen with either a katana or a wakizashi, each being one of her weapons of preference. These weapons are rather old, and they happen to be given to her by the Mafia during her trainee years; therefore, they are not actually useful and are simply good for practicing the arm movements and swings.

Nakiya isn't the tallest girl, nor is she exactly the strongest. She has a slender but more bony than soft body type, despite her habits of constantly gobbling down whatever food is around. Her metabolism is excellent, but additionally she puts a lot of effort into keeping herself in shape. It's difficult to see the results, since she seems to be so delicate in general, but Nakiya is anything but lazy. Her build does assist in more stealthy missions where a smaller person might move around more swiftly on their feet, as well as fitting into tight spaces and being able to hide in the shadows much more easily. As far as her expressions go, Nakiya will be smiling happily most of the time; perhaps in a slightly deranged fashion depending on the circumstances, but normally she'll be smiling. If Nakiya is frowning, that won't be the end of it; her expression will most likely be murderous and she'll be preparing to attack.

Special Features:

  • Nakiya has a distinctive mark on the back of her neck in the shape of a cross, pointed straight down her back. This was given to her by the Mafia, and it's not a tattoo; it's a scar. The mark itself is supposed to represent either a sword or a dagger and appears to be a bit lighter than the rest of her skin.
  • She can always be seen wearing the same clothes, no matter the occasion.

Origin & Family

Origin: Ryuuseigai

Family & Close People:

  • Mother, Father, & Blood Relations - Unknown. Nakiya has never met them, never heard of them, and has no desire ever to do either. She supposes that they are very poor and gave her up because a child would take up too much money, food, and space-- all three which could be used for themselves. She doesn’t hold a grudge against them but still has no desire to ever make contact during her lifespan. If their names/occupations are necessary, let’s just say that her mother is a beggar who goes by the name of Liya, while her father holds the same profession and is named John. Her siblings are unknown in number, age, and name.
  • Zee - A girl of about fifteen years, Zee was her main companion during Nakiya’s stay in Ryuuseigai. Both girls shared a close relationship, although each knew and acknowledged the fact that they would abandon the other if it was necessary; their bond was formed out of pure practicality, as each would have a harder time surviving on her own. Together, Nakiya and Zee can steal and forage more efficiently-- if it’s absolutely necessary, they can also share food or divide it equally. However, there is an unspoken message between the two girls; as soon as one begins to rely solely on the other, they will part. This is a relationship meant to assist in their survival, and both could do moderately fine without it, they simply do better with each other.
  • Usui - A boy of about seventeen years, Usui was in charge of much of Nakiya’s training once she was brought to the city by Mafia scouts. He was harsh; perhaps unnecessarily so, but Nakiya feels a slight sense of gratitude for all that he has taught her. Usui’s place in her heart is not really one associated with love, but rather with a feeling of debt. Although, Nakiya absolutely hates the Mafia and therefore Usui-- she simply can’t erase the feeling of owing him for something after the boy taught her how to better survive and get accomplish her goals.

Personality & Behaviour

Personality: Nakiya is a strong-willed girl and definitely not a coward; however, often times she would rather go around a problem than solve it head-on. She cares a great deal about her safety and her survival, rather than honor or doing what is right; backing down is not a problem if she’s going to survive and there won’t actually be any sort of serious or important repercussions. Nakiya is unpredictable and often times flighty, but she understands that some degree of trust is required in order to get anything done while working with other people; the girl is willing to give that amount to others, but not any more than is required. She has a certain innocent feel to her despite the fact that she is anything but that, especially with her occasionally silly or unreasonable antics. An example would be her hugely possessive nature when it comes to food, especially sweets and her own special cookies that she carries around all the time.

The raven haired girl is not as interested in making friends as she is more of allies; people and connections that will be useful to her, rather than simply “being there”. Nakiya hates the idea of having to rely on someone else, and she insists upon being her own self. People who attempt to manipulate the girl will either immediately be executed, tortured slowly to death, or something around those lines... and if she can’t kill them, they go straight on her list of people to murder once she becomes strong enough. Although she’s not necessarily a sadist in general, Nakiya will deliberately put other people through pain if she thinks that the circumstances call for it. Her conscience is nearly nonexistent, and she doesn’t believe that what she’s doing is right; she knows that a lot of it would probably be considered to be “wrong,” but so long as it’s benefiting her, Nakiya is perfectly fine with just about anything.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • Selfish & Self-Centered - As a child, Nakiya had to fend for herself and was constantly on the verge of either starvation or death from exposure to the elements, theft from other children, etc. She is extremely possessive of food and clothing and does not share willingly with other people. If she does happen to share either with you... it’s a true sign that you’re a friend, a very rare occurrence.
  • Apathetic - Nakiya refuses to form bonds with other people and prefers to turn them away. She’ll never let anyone know the contents of her heart and won’t open up to anyone-- additionally, it’s very difficult for her to act upon her feelings. An example of this is if she sees a starving orphan, Nakiya will walk right on by and think nothing of it; this is a by product of being forced to focus on her own survival.
  • Flighty - Unpredictable and often untrustworthy, Nakiya doesn’t necessarily have a good reputation among coworkers. She’s more worried about her own skin than what’s best for everyone else. Nakiya will backstab and betray people without a backwards glance or a single thought; it’s simply second nature to her after going through a certain environment growing up.
  • Clever & Cunning - Nakiya is quick witted and reacts well under pressure and when put into dangerous situations. She can think on her feet and won’t hesitate to use sources that some other people might consider to be undesirable-- for example, manipulating good-hearted people or using their pity for her to an advantage.
  • Swift & Stealthy - Perhaps surprisingly, stealing requires one to be quite quick on their feet; although the main point is to not get caught (and that’s why stealth is second nature to her) Nakiya has also learned that many situations can be solved by simply running away and not getting caught.


  • To become strong - Nakiya hates the idea of being weak or unnecessary, especially after growing up in Ryuuseigai and with the Mafia, where dead weight is immediately removed (either by execution or elsewise). She has a strong desire to become powerful and able to accomplish whatever she likes.
  • To bring down the Mafia - Nakiya loathes the group of criminals, despite the important role they’ve played in shaping her to where she is right now. The girl aims to bring their carefully structured and secretive plans all crashing down to the ground, as well as destroying the group entirely.


Nakiya was born to a small couple who wanted nothing to do with the child. Therefore, as many infants are, the baby girl was left brusquely on the edge of East Ryuuseigai, with nothing but a passing prayer that perhaps she would survive. The girl would have died, except for on that day another child was wandering through the area; she was named Mari, and the girl had recently been abandoned to the city and did not yet know of its harsh tendencies of leaving other people to die in favor of one’s own survival. Therefore the blonde raised the child as best as she could, keeping her away from the other inhabitants of the city as much as possible; Mari had a very low opinion of the other children, and she had decided that this infant-- Sandrilene, she named her-- would be kind and generous rather than backstabbing and only focused on herself.

Unfortunately, as the dark raven haired girl grew older, she soon came to understand the fact that in a place such as this, her own survival came first; and so on her eighth birthday, she quietly slipped out of where the two lived, slipping away with all of the food and supplies she could possibly carry. Unfortunately, not yet a month had passed before Sandry, as she had renamed herself, was found by another girl-- this one much more accustomed and accepting of the city’s harsh reality of being self-centered in order to survive. Therefore Zee automatically swiftly stole all of the younger girl’s food, taking care to slit her throat to prevent being chased after before she skulked back to her own small hideout a little ways away. Unfortunately for the elder of the two, Sandry was no stranger to these kinds of attacks, and had guarded herself properly with a curved metal piece around her neck and part of her torso; parts from some old broken down machinery nearby Mari’s home.

Only a few hours later the sun sank beneath the horizon and the raven haired female struck swiftly and silently, breaking into Zee’s home after tracking her and following the trail back to her hideout. But as it turns out, the entire thing had been a ploy on Zee’s part to see whether the younger girl was worthy of joining their group; an unnamed force of four other children who stole shared a shelter together in order to increase their chances of survival. Sandry consequently accepted, part of it simply because she had an understanding that the girl would die unless she agreed to join them. A few days later, an attack from another group ended up killing the four other children; and so Sandry was left alone with Zee, and the two became as close as one can in that sort of environment, under great pressure in everyday life just to find enough food and supplies to barely survive. Then everything changed when three years later, the life of the two girls' was sorely impacted by the result of a certain decision... the Mafia deciding that they didn’t have enough trainees this year; and what better place to get them than the city of unwanteds, Ryuuseigai?

Two men sneaked in and scouted around for a bit of time before selecting fourteen children; among them was Zee, rather than Sandry herself. But the raven haired girl killed her companion and smoothly took her place, deciding that this was her way to escape from the city; it wasn’t a bad life necessarily, this was true, but she wanted something more, and the Mafia would be a good place to start. Of course, the two men knew that this incident had occurred but they decided that she showed a certain determination that they could use; and the other girl had been perfectly replaceable, anyways-- all of the children were. And so began Sandry’s time with the Mafia, a group which she hated with a passion but acknowledged she could neither escape from nor at the time, accomplish her personal goals without. The girl met Usui during this period, and she was renamed Nakiya at the start of her training to be an assassin; a new name, so that she could drop all ties with her origins and past (although the girl had done so anyways without any hesitation).

Around three years later, the girl was now fourteen and saw an opportunity to escape from the Mafia. She therefore left, sneaking out on her tiptoes during the night; at this point she was still only really a trainee, so her value to the group wasn't much at all. They were trained in several things, stealth being one of them; and so Nakiya crept out as midnight struck the clock, disappeared from the building, and made the decision to never go back or be captured again. She has stayed out of the sight and notice of the public for the most part, but her crimes are beginning to pile up and have not gone unnoticed by a few seekers of justice and removal of crime (and by the victims). Nakiya remains still generally unknown, however.

Character Image

[Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye Rmod30y

Avatar Origin: Kurome from Akame ga Kill

Writing Sample

The day was sunny and the air was crisp; a perfect combination, although Allison adored all weather. This morning she had been dragged out of bed by Lel Therine, her stern feline companion who refused to tolerate sleeping in late-- despite the fact that the red haired mage had not accepted any jobs that required her to be anywhere this early in the day. The girl dragged herself out of bed nonetheless and did all of the unimportant things one accomplishes every day, among them her grooming and the consumption of a plate of scorched pancakes: breakfast.

In general Allison wasn’t one to laze around the house all day if it wasn’t required to be out; the young mage had an active personality, and the lack of necessity didn’t normally affect her decisions. Today however, she had been resolute in her decision to remain in bed for an hour more than her typical time; a choice with a final answer already selected the night before. But unfortunately, when it came to getting the energetic and easily distracted female to her various destinations on time, Lel Therine was key; and therefore, Allison never attempted to argue with her, despite what could result in a distinct lack of sleep-- although the overall effect on the level of energy she possessed would be nearly nonexistent.

Several minutes later, the red haired girl let the front door to her house fall closed as she stood on the doorstep, a hand raised to her forehead as Allison contemplated the next course of action. Fortunately, it seemed that Lel had surreptitiously devised a plan so as not to waste time with the usual wandering about that Allison ended up doing during a great deal of her day. The crimson and rose cat hooked a slip of paper with one foreclaw, ripping it down from... a nearby mission board. And with that, the two set off on a lovely morning to find a cat the pair had actually retrieved only a little bit ago, as both could recall.

Feline and mage were ambling past a small cluster of winding thick green plants when a small figure dropped sharply and abruptly from the clouds high above, startling the two as they were swiftly forced to dive out of the path of the object. When the dust cleared a few minutes later, the red haired girl immediately skipped up to what seemed to be another female-- aged around the same as Allison herself. With a bright beaming smile and a cheerful gaze, the mage extended a hand to the light haired girl sprawled out on the road before her. “Hello! Are you all right? My name is Allison-- are you hurt anywhere? What’s your name?” she greeted, stated, and inquired in a jumble of words.

Nakiya and Usui:
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Posts : 7

Character sheet
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[Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye   [Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye EmptySun Aug 23, 2015 12:10 pm

Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10

Strength - 10 - Rank 1
Precision - 10 - Rank 1
Resilience - 10 - Rank 1
Speed - 10 - Rank 1


Native Nen: Specialist
Nen Theme: Animals

  • Nakiya's Nen techniques are associated with animals. For example, an emission technique might be similar to astral claws, enhancement techniques might give her certain properties or strengths that animals have, etc.

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 1
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -

Nakiya and Usui:
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[Nen-User] Nakiya le Faye
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