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 [Nen-User] Yuno Ifrit

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Yuno Ifrit

Yuno Ifrit

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PostSubject: [Nen-User] Yuno Ifrit   [Nen-User] Yuno Ifrit EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 8:23 pm

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Unit_00 a.k.a Yuno Ifrit
Age: 6 months [which is like, at least 18 in robot years, right?]
Eye color: Aqua, turning red in times of danger.
Hair color: Blonde
Weight & Height: 5'7", 4006lbs

Appearance & Clothing: Yuno appears to be a girl of average, perhaps slightly above average height, very slim, slender and fragile. Fit, with a fairly decent figure for a girl her age and size, no extraneous fat, and her skin looks to be flawless, though she always appears to be wearing gloves. She has deep cerulean eyes, that when observed closely can be seen spinning in their sockets occasionally, with a faint glow behind them. When clothed, it almost impossible to identify her as anything but a young woman, with a fetish for formal attire. However, when disrobed, or upon close inspection it is clear she is anything but. She has no humanoid features below the neck. Without clothing, it still looks like she is wearing a matte white unitard of sorts over her midsection, this however is more armored plating. Naturally she is cool to the touch. Her shoulders are brushed gold plated mechanisms, and these mechanisms are reused where her legs connect into her hips. Her legs do not have "feet" as you might know them. She often wears gloves, but even without them her hands appear to be permanently gloved in silk, this is a just a clever illusion. Her "fingers" are titanium caps that house L.E.D flashlights. These lights also reside behind her eyes.

Special features:
As an automaton, Yuno is fairly advanced. Its internal power source doesn't require charging from any dedicated outlet, it charges on its own, however it does eventually need a rest period, just as humans require sleep. The Nen-Drive that powers her abilities is cooled by a special H2o based coolant, meaning she has to remain hydrated throughout the day, and sustained damage can cause this coolant to leak out, as if like blood.

"She" is a mobile wifi hotspot, GPS capable, and has several built in flashlights.

Origin and family

The world is largely quite capable of handling it's own problems. However, if one requires a job done, and they aren't afraid to pay, one can call ob a hunter. These individuals are both highly gifted, and highly dangerous. A powerful hunter could easily overcome a well trained soldier, if not a larger force. An entire organization made up of these individuals is a force to be respected... Or feared.

In response to the growing number of hunters, the proud Republic of Padokia began searching for a way to create a loyal, and most importantly, controllable response to the Hunters Academy. Something to assist in dealing with the pressing issue of the Hunter Academy's monopoly on aura capable individuals.

Thus began the Ifrit initiative, named after the lead scientist, PhD. Jennifer Ifrit. The goal: To create a controllable, inconspicuous Aura/Nen combatant. At first, the team approached the idea from a human angle. This was however quickly dismissed as a human candidate could be coerced, bribed, interrogated or broken to reveal their secrets. Also, morality and empathy were factors that were deemed a liability. The next step was cybernetic enhancement. Volunteers were drafted, and experiments were done. The team was attempting to create devices capable of creating the abilities they desired. These tests ended in failure. The technology proved faulty leading to fatal malfunctions, and those who managed to survive were left so deeply traumatized, they were unable to preform as desired. It was then decided perhaps they were relying too much on the human element. After several months of research and rigorous testing the team made a breakthrough. They'd made a machine, an android, capable of utilizing the abilities of Hunters. The automaton was called Unit_00 as it was essentially a prototype, lacking certain charms one would seek in an effective infiltration unit, however the truest test of "her" capabilities would be to send it into the field to gather data.

So that is precisely what they've done. Given the name "Yuno", and programed with a vast archive of information, she has been sent on a mission to infiltrate the Hunters Academy and keep an eye on them, whilst honing her nen abilities, to see where her limits may be.

Family & close People:

The various rejected experiments before her - In a way, each of these people who gave their lives to develop this technology are her brothers and sisters. Yuno has no files on them, and "She" never knew them, but she was told she was the only success, thus implying the failures that had come before. It considers these failed experiments siblings for all intents and purposes.

PhD. Jennifer Ifrit - Doctor Jennifer Ifrit was the lead scientist behind this project and it was through her diligent and unwavering labors that Yuno had been created. She is the closest thing Yuno has to a "Mother". She was also the only one to treat as if she were human. Yuno insists she isn't programed with feelings, but if she did have them, this would have made her happy.


Personality & Behaviour

Yuno is a machine. The team developed an artificial intelligence to adapt as needed in the field, without having to be bogged down by things perceived as unnecessary such as empathy, morality, fear. She knows what the words mean of course, but she has none. One might believe this means she has no emotions, no opinions that we wasn't programed to have, but one would be wrong. Much to her own surprise, Yuno has developed an odd set likes and dislikes. Odd in the sense she should not have them. She attributes these to a simple preference of efficency over inefficiency, but some of these things are clearly quite personal, such as her fondness of stuffed animals, gifts, and travelling. If she does have a "preference" for something, she's unlikely to show it consciously. She expresses herself in more subtle ways. Perhaps she'll glance at a particularly "acceptable" stuffed animal, or read travel brochures alongside a detailed map to disguise her personal interest as research. In contrast, she us quite open about the dislikes she's formed. She doesn't enjoy people insinuating she has human qualities, beyond her physical appearance, which she enjoys covering up through some kind of unconscious shame of her lack of human parts. Yet she's very vain for a machine. She looks down on all technology, seeing it as beneath her, as she believes she's the most advanced piece of technology ever constructed, and she might be right. She is so spiteful of their short comings she will actively glare or scowl at most pieces of technology. She's convinced that, as a machine, she should not enjoy things, but she doesn't like the idea of being a machine, yet she does like the idea of not being human.

She happens to have fantasies of being a maid, and she has a secret magnet fetish. The former being simply a personal desire for potential future occupation, the latter being a legitimate sexual fetish.

She's generally a stoic, well behaved sort, but has a tendency to correct people when they're wrong even if it's rude to do so. Her expression rarely changes from its neutral poker face. Even when doing something she enjoys. Her voice is much the same, as it rarely expresses any sort of emotion either. She will often stand rather than sit, halfway because she can not grow tired simply by standing, and halfway because sitting is a strange, euphoric sensation for her, and she'd like to avoid it, as that would require admitting she enjoys things. She is quick to remind people she is not a person, she is a robot, and she is just as quick to use that as justification for her amoral beliefs. She finds it enjoyable to use this excuse for just about everything, and she'll use it whenever she can. Though one might not expect humor, Yuno enjoys to joke about the "imminent robot apocalypse". Though, it's often unclear when she is joking.

Yuno is naturally quite straight forward if she has no reason to have a negative opinion of someone. She delivers information clinically and quickly, and prefers to not waste time. However, negative opinions have her passive aggressively patronizing those she finds unlikable, likewise, those she does like see a slightly more congenial side to her. Rather than rushing to the end of a conversation, she'll show interest in what you've said, respond with questions and her own personal input. She offer assistance and rarely, she'll show some degree of emotion, if only because she let herself slip.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths: Based Computer Brain.exe- Yuno's intelligence is staggering. Able to preform complex mathematics and other sorts of computations in microseconds. She also has a vast database on various subjects, and if it's on the web, she knows about it. She also possesses a eidetic memory, as all her encounters are persevered for future purposes.


BEEP-BOOP I AM A ROBOT: Yuno is largely made out of various metals, synthetic materials, and powered by a super computer, so magnetics can influence her in odd ways.

First law - Yuno can not engage combat with a human being unless they pose a direct threat to Yuno, another human, or her mission. The threat must be evaluated before lethal force can be authorized.

Like a car, but on legs - Yunk is about as heavy as the average car, roughly 2 tons, and no matter how coordinated she may be, anything unable to support a car, couldn't support her.


Infiltrate the Hunters Academy - Yuno's primary function is to keep an eye on the Hunters Academy and the goings on within its hierarchy, as well as maintain detailed reports on the Hunters there within.

Push her parameters - Yuno's secondary objective is to push her capabilities beyond her current specifications. The experimental Nen/Aura drive within "her" is unique, and the possibilities of its use can't be calculated in a lab. Her job is to develop her abilities, and see how far the technology can go.


On one sunny June morning, A.I_00 came online for the first time. Developed to study, learn, react, and solve problems it spent the day asking and answering questions. The following weeks progressed much the same, with the A.I being shown around the lab it had been made in. The team that made "her" was tasked with keeping her busy, and took it upon themselves to assign assignments for the program. It was given digital books, nonfiction and fiction, and told to analyze them and prepare questions. A.I_00 preformed poorly in this test, due to its lack of understanding of dramatic timing. Most of its questions arose from why events unfurled the way they did. It treated the literary works in such a way that it believed each character had read the book they were in, and thusly, should have known better. Once this matter was clarified, the text was revisited. Problems persisted, and the team decided to offer the machine a single book at a time. This proved to be the solution, and the A.I was able to properly formulate questions relevant to the progress of its intellect.

The following week the A.I was given tests in mathematics, with its processes based around solving problems, it began with simple addition. The A.I failed, as it lacked proper understanding. Days were spent teaching the A.I equations and by the end of the second week, it was fully capable of preforming the mathematics the team had been preforming prior to its creation. Project lead, Jennifer Ifrit, submits a proposal to include the A.I in further development of the Android, believing it's ability to learn and retain information could provide valuable insight later in the project. The A.I is given access to the server room to assist in its maintenance.

The third week entailed a tour of the facility beyond the server room the A.I had designated as "home". It is made aware it is only one part of a larger project to create an autonomous, Nen capable combat  platform. The A.I expresses doubt in the possibilities, but offers to provide assistance in whatever way it can. It was not informed that Dr. Ifrit's request was denied.

In July, with the assistance of A.I_00, work begins on the chassis the A.I will inhabit. This proves much easier, with the team's experience and A.I_00 input, a functional prototype is created within 2 weeks. A.I_00 is installed, without permission, and spends the remainder of the month assisting in the team in redesigning the chassis, as mobility remains a persistent issue.

August begins with retrofits to the prototype frame, slimming it down for the purposes of movement. A.I_00 continues to learn at an astounding rate. No longer restrained to the sever room, the mobile machine is often found wandering around, reading. Newspapers, diaries, erotic magazines.  Whatever it could get its appendages on. It concludes with harsh reprimands about freedom, and A.I_00 is restricted once more to the server room. A.I_00 expresses that it does not enjoy being caged. Team fears A.I_00 may have had too much freedom.

In September the team makes a breakthrough in the Nen-Drive, A.I_00 expresses excitement over the developments and congratulates itself on fixing the team's mistakes. The team had not informed the A.I of the advances. When questioned, A.I_00 confessed to have broken out of the server room, and made the necessary changes. The A.I is removed from the chassis and left in the server room with no contact for the rest of the month.

A.I_00 spends the entirety of October alone in the server room. It begins to question the necessity of humans when the goal is to create an autonomous machine, to fight humans. It comes to consider humans as its eventual primary target. It begins to devise plans to kill everyone it has ever met.

November is spent much the same. The A.I slowly spirals into a hateful madness as the team enjoys thanksgiving. The A.I believes that mankind's existence was an accident. A problem to be solved and sets a prime directive, eliminate mankind.

December 5th, the team assembles Unit_00, and it promptly begins a murderous rampage. Dr. Ifrit shuts down the A.I, but not before 16 scientists and 5 soldiers are killed. Unable to accept failure, the government insists A.I_00 be used. Ifrit begins rewriting the A.I, however A.I_00 is resistant. Ifrit resorts to intense magnetic fields to make the artificial intelligence more malleable. December 31st arrives, and Unit_00 is brought back online. It is designated "Yuno" by Dr. Ifrit, and told it was created, today is its birthday. It celebrates the new year with its "family" unaware it is all a lie.

Character Image


Avatar origin: Aigis - persona 3

Writing Sample

Mimi in her blissful innocence didn't even notice she'd been cutting of the boy, who, once he was able to get a word in, introduced himself as Tsumi. His knowledge of ancient history though caught the pegasus' attention. She nodded happily in agreement with his statement, remembering her long nights studying Fiorian history in an attempt to understand their customs. She failed to grasp most of it, however the events that took place 200 years ago did intrigue her.

When Tsumi mentioned he was a dragon however, Ryumi's friendly smile seemed to flip into a quizzical frown. She blinked a few times at Tsumi before bringing her head a bit closer to him, sniffing at him, her eyes closed to assist in identifying whatever scents may be lingering upon him. After a few moments, Mimi hadn't cleaned anything more about the boy from his scent beyond he was indeed a boy. "I'm sorry, Tsumi-kun, but, I do not think you are a dragon. You do not have wings, or a tail, nor claws or sharp teeth. You do not smell like a dragon, and you certainly do not look like one, you are much more attractive and far less scary. Are you perhaps mistaken?" Ryumi of course did not mean to imply anything romantic in calling the silver eyed boy attractive, her manner of speaking offered it as the alternative to a dragon, which by their very nature, were monstrous, however her meaning might become lost in translation. Not understanding this may be the case, Ryumimi continued with a worried giggle, covering her mouth as to not laugh in Tsumi's face. "When you say it like that it sounds ever so sinister, doesn't it? I do not mean to recruit anyone to anything they do not desire themselves. I'm hoping to guide others to faith, it seems so... Lacking in your lands. Ryumi frowned a little more, nervously rubbing her wrist, twisting her foot into the ground. She wasn't certain if Tsumi had asked, but he had asked in a way.

"People I speak to often confess they've never prayed before, and if they have, they do not what to. There are so many people who are so lost I can not but feel pity for them. Religion is an integral part of education where I come from. I first believed you people worshipped this royal family. You build great monuments to them and you celebrate and venerate them, you defend them and you write laws according to their words, but I am told this is not worship. Perhaps it is just me, but this is what we do as well. It is all very confusing." concluded the blue pegasus mage. She nodded then, mostly as an affirmation to herself, as she prepped herself to continue.

"You say they are not gods, yet you serve them, just as we to our God and angels. I am eager to learn more about them, your royals I mean, and your country and your people and why it is you all worship this collection of individuals but do not wish to acknowledge them as your gods. It is fine to do so! It is fine to believe, but you all seem so convinced these people are just like you, even as you idolize them, place faith in them, and look to them for guidance. Just as one would a god..." Ryumimi grew silent a moment as her tirade came to an a quiet end. Her eyes were closed now, and slowly they opened, somewhat empty of purpose for a moment. They widened as it dawned on her that she'd just went of for quite a bit, which was somewhat selfish she thought. She giggled nervously and bowed once more to Tsumi, waving her hands dismissively.

"But I preach too much, please, please, I'm sorry to have taken so much of your time with my evangelical babble. Please! Tell me about this... Magic council you called it? Is it like a guild, or is it another sort of organization? What are you doing here in Vernus? Is this your home? Are you a teacher here or a student?" inquired the garden scented mage. She waited for a response, but gasped shortly and bowed once more. "I called you Tsumi-kun! I didn't ask! I should have asked, I apologize! " she waited a moment staring at the other mage before smiling gently at him. This was refreshing for her, and she was enjoying this boy's company. She wasn't sure if she could say the same of her family at the moment, she failed to meet them to save whomever this September was and she had not seen them since. She missed them terribly of course, but company was enough to distract her from their absence. "May I call you Tsumi-kun, Tsumi-kun?"

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Yuno Ifrit

Yuno Ifrit

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Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10

Strength - 10 - Rank 1
Precision - 10 - Rank 1
Resilience - 10 - Rank 1
Speed - 10 - Rank 1


Native Nen: Emitter
Nen Theme: Technology - The user is proficient in using their Nen to interface with the electronic machinery both in their body, and in the world around them.

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 1


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[Nen-User] Yuno Ifrit
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