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 Another Rule Adjustment

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PostSubject: Another Rule Adjustment   Another Rule Adjustment EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 10:30 pm

This one is related to themes. Before the rules said a theme can be expanded every 30th Nen Point purchased. This has been removed because it was too vague and still there from an earlier version of the Rules.

Instead the rules for strengthening Nen were changed to have a bigger impact:
Quote :
Every 20th Nen Point bought a Nen can be strengthened. This means when buying the 20th, 40th, 60th and so on point you can pick one of the Nens you have mastered and increase its potency by 10%. This means all techniques of that Nen will deal 10% more damage, or have 10% higher defence value. When purchasing your 20th point please note which Nen you strengthen with this bonus. You may strengthen a Nen as often as you want.

Since your Theme is part of your Character make sure you pick a good one that fits your style and can be expanded towards all Nen Types. Do not only think about your first Nen!

Since I noticed a special struggle with Enhancer Themes the rules have also become a bit more loose towards that. Since Enhancer is very straight forward in many cases, as that its techniques are mostly meant to just be enhanced attacks, it is fine to make enhancer techniques that do not match your theme perfectly.
Quote :
Enhancer is the only Nen Type that may use very basic "moves" as techniques which do not match the Theme.

For those reasons changes to Nen Theme or Nen are allowed in the following week in case this rule change affected anyone in a negative way. Please post those in the Custom Skills Forum.
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Another Rule Adjustment
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