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 [Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell

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PostSubject: [Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell   [Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 3:07 am

Personal Information

First & Last Name: Enzo Cadwell
Age: 38
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: White
Weight & Height: 160 lbs 6'3"

Appearance & Clothing: Enzo Cadwell, also known as Enzo the Wraith, has a very ghostly appearance in general. His perfect, paper-white skin tone with yellow beast-like eyes, paired with his long white sheets of hair which hang flatly down over his shoulders and the fact that one can see his ribs he's so skinny, all emulate features of a ghost. His sense of fashion doesn't stray too far from this either, wearing essentially what amounts to a standard white bedsheet with a hole cut out of it, giving him a flowing gown of a poncho. Beneath this, he wears a pair of baggy cloth pants and a pair of moccasins, padded on the bottom to make it so that he hardly makes any noise when he moves.

His sense of style outside of the ghostly fashion that he wears normally is not much different than an average father, including polo shirts, comfortable jeans, tennis shoes. Enzo wears an earring in his left ear, and often ties his hair back into a pony tail when he's not doing anything particularly dangerous. While he is still a pasty white fellow, he can look quite personable, when he wants to. That said, he cleans up rather nicely, and looks rather dashing in 'dating garb' including suits, ties, button-up shirts, slacks, all in any color. His preferred wardrobe color is white, because it brings out his eyes, according to past loves.

Special features: His incredibly ghostly appearance is most of what gets him noticed, though women seem to enjoy his feral-looking yellow eyes, which are slotted like a cat's.

Origin and family

Origin: Zaban City, Azian Continent

Family & close People:
Annabeth Cadwell - His daughter, now grown up to the age of 18 and has left his household. He raised her as a single father, and she's had several people she's called 'Mom' over her life. She's rather distant, likes to read comic books, cosplay, and gets into fight. Sort of a tomboy, but Enzo doesn't love her any less for it. Her nickname is Anna.

Oddly enough she doesn't look anything like Enzo at all to outsiders of the family. Most people don't know that Enzo didn't always look like a wraith. She has long blonde hair, has a healthy caucasian complexion, has a pretty much perfect figure. She's also combat trained, family thing.


Personality & Behaviour: Enzo the Wraith is a new figure happening out in the world, an omen of death and retribution to those who have done wrong. He does thorough research on everyone he predicts himself meeting, and kills bad people without hesitation, explanation, or anything of the sort. On a personal level, he's a perfectly rational, kind-hearted human being, it's hard to imagine him killing anyone if you haven't seen him do it. However, it's said once you've seen the wraith take someone's life, you'll never unsee it.

Enzo Cadwell has grown up as a single father, and has a sort of awkward charm about him. He's a bit clumsy, humorous, and has interests that he's willing to share with people. He's rather an open book and such, while he has certain 'creeper' traits, like stalking someone's social media stuff and learning about them in his free time, he does so in a seemingly casual mannerism, like checking it out while they're in the bathroom on his phone or something.

Obviously, as a single father for the majority of the latter half of his life, Enzo is great with kids, having a soft spot for just about anyone under the age of 20. He's known to give any kid brave enough to talk to a creepy guy like himself a chocolate bar. On a related note, he has an incredible sweet tooth, carrying around chocolate bars.

He likes to get to know people, have chats and stuff. He's always on the lookout for a new face, seeming to have an eye for the inexperienced or awkward. Enzo's an ice breaker of sorts, happily acting as a wingman or similar social catalyst. Thanks to these traits, he can sustain a healthy social life despite his... tendencies.

There are a few things that trigger him, things he's on the lookout for more than a new face. There are people who bring harm to other people for their own personal gain, whether it be fore satisfaction, money, stuff like that. He's okay with fighting to earn a paycheck, he's not okay with fighting to steal a paycheck. He tracks down people who have hurt, maimed, blackmailed, manipulated, or killed people for poor, bad, or outright shitty reasons, and kills them. Well, more like he does research on people he meets or plans on meeting, and if they meet his criteria of 'shitty human-being-ness', he offs them.

This is a more recent development in his personality, due to reasons that he's not willing to tell people. He understands that it's murder, and doesn't try to justify it beyond explaining why he picked them.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strength 1 - Ruthless Efficiency: Enzo is a man who can kill another man as if it were breathing to him. He is unafraid to do so, even when it's simple self defense.

Weakness 1 - Frail Physique: Lacking much fat on his body, he doesn't have much cushion against impact, making it easier to break bone or damage organs.

Goals: Enzo's primary goal in life is to become a Crime Hunter or a Blacklist Hunter, and put down anyone who would dare harm someone for a shitty reason like personal gain. His secondary goal in life would be to find true love, albeit that's become exponentially more difficult with his reputation and his looks.


Enzo was born into a martial arts practicing family, a family who taught him from day one how to defend himself. Ever since he could stand he's known how to punch, ever since he could run he's known how to kick. One could say that his family worshiped martial arts and forced their family religion onto him. Back then, he had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a normal skin tone. Growing up and getting into school, he was a cut above the average fellow, and he'd had to hold himself back in order to maintain his friendship with other students.

He declined the ability to skip grades literally all the way through school, saying that he just wanted to be a normal guy. What he didn't know was that he simply wasn't a normal guy. He was significantly stronger, smarter, more durable, faster, and even better looking than most of the other students. Sure, he wasn't the absolute best in each individual subject, but adding his 10-scale ratings together, he was top of his class, top of his school even.

Nevertheless he was a pretty alright fellow to hang out with, humble, funny, never offended by anything, and most importantly, was so good looking other people looked good just my standing near him. So while he wasn't particularly rich, one could easily understand how easy it was for him to get a job and start buying cool things. He had a car by the time he was out of school, and when he went to college, he was free from his family's humorously tyrannical method of teaching martial arts.

Delving a bit more into his training in early life, the Cadwell family was a distant branch from the main family that originally developed the martial art. The martial art his family taught and worshiped was one that was passed down the generations, and taught to outsiders as well. It originated a single 'Dance' which was a simple way of saying that the developer, created and perfected a single move, which he then passed down to two pupils, his son and his son's best friend.

They then followed the spirit of their master, and developed and perfected their own dance, and taught it to two and three more people respectively. This continued for generations and generations, and while several battle-tested branches have fallen, the Cadwells held one of those that were tested in combat and survived over many generations. The martial art is known as the Dancing Lotus Kempo, sometimes call Exploding Lotus Kempo. Each petal is a new art, and no two practitioners fight exactly the same way, a beautiful style.

Nevertheless the training was very harsh and regimental, being a few dozen generations old, the practitioners had to start young to master all the dances. It was cruel to those outside of the family, but perfectly traditional within. Enzo was probably the best one in his family to date, but he can't be entirely sure.

So back to college, where he was free of the regiment and could just be himself, instead of dealing with the everyday chores of working out his body. College was a sweet time in his life, where he found out that his lifestyle didn't work without massive sums of food all the time. He got really skinny and had to spend more money on food than on fun. He didn't get too many chances to party, but he did hang around at the food court of the mall quite frequently.

That's where he met her, the girl of his dreams. Laura Huntington, a newly adult woman with curves that made him dizzy, who ate like a champion, and made jokes like one too. He introduced himself almost as soon as he spotted her, and things went off without a hitch. They shared many interests, were wiling to hang out with one another more frequently than anyone else they knew, and were competitive with one another. Rivalry and friendship combined into a rudimentary form of love, and they wound up reciprocating two years into the relationship.

Unfortunately for them, their genes were too good and they had caused a baby to happen quite early on in their lives, having a child at 20 was rough, since they were both in college. Enzo and Laura needed to find a way to get the kind of money they needed to support their child, Annabeth. While Enzo figured he could drop out and get a full time job to support the family, Laura had another idea. See, it turned out Laura was connected to the mafia, highly connected, and could get them in on a job, and make off with enough money to support their family no problem.

Easy enough, and Enzo was young, strong, and willing to try anything to make this work. So he wound up going on a heist of a chemical factory, to steal a secret formula, which one of the Nine Dons was willing to pay a great deal for under the table. Most of the mafia didn't want to touch it, said it would be too dangerous. Enzo was confident that he could pull it off. Donning a mask over his face, tinted goggles over his eyes, and a hooded sweater, he and Laura, who was similarly dressed, made off and raided the factory. It was about as dangerous as the mafioso's said it would be, the blonde martial artist was tackling most of the combat, guns were not fun to deal with.

Once they got the formula they had to make an escape, their entry point was blocked, but the factory happened to be dumping into a nearby body of water (much to the chagrin of locals). This was not their intended escape route, however, they were bum rushed by a crazy man with the eyes of a demon, who literally pushed them off the balcony they were running across. The resulting impact caused an immense amount of damage, more than it should have, and sent the lovers flying as if fired from a cannon.

The second issue wound up being that the chemicals nearest the factory were at their most concentrated, and they felt like pure burning. Enzo, still conscious, managed to get himself and Laura out of there, but the chemicals got into her lungs, and she lost the ability to breathe, dying a slow and painful death, agonizing even, considering her life force was rapidly leaking out, she'd been slammed with even a rudimentary nen attack, and the chemicals fried her lungs and throat to the point of being unable to breathe with any level of comfort. Enzo was... displeased to say the least.

However, he knew that his life force was running low, and therefore, he needed the assistance of someone... anyone.

He left Laura there, thankfully unrecognizable since she was so horribly altered by chemical burns. She and Enzo were in similar states... All pigmentation was just... gone. White hair, white skin... though she'd turned utterly blue from lack of air. The now ghost-like man needed help since he was dying so quickly, he felt it. It was pure luck that a practitioner of Nen found him before he died and helped him control his Aura. He didn't have much time to begin with.

Enzo earned enough money from the job to be able to support himself and Anna at least until he got through college and had a job. See, the man didn't have time to despair over the loss of his lover. He needed to prove that he was strong, then more than ever. While he didn't love another woman again for the rest of college, he eventually got back into the dating game. Nothing significant occurred from then on. He got a job in freelance web design, making websites for people who were too lazy to learn how.

As a single father, his daughter was the most important thing to him. He found himself needing to protect her from scoundrels. She was kidnapped three times in her life, and he'd always responded with the utmost harshness of his fists. He taught his daughter Dancing Lotus Kempo, he had her on a training regiment, yet she still got taken. It was as if some group was out against him.

Eventually it stopped happening, because his daughter was getting masterful. Nevertheless, he found that a great number of guys she was dating were scumbags, simple research showed that they beat their previous girlfriends, couldn't spell right, and were two-faced pricks. While he couldn't control his daughter's love life effectively, he could control how they were handled when they inevitably made her cry. Yeah... Anna was the girl you just couldn't fuck with, either she'd kick your ass, or her dad would.

Enzo was a great guy, despite his uncanny chemical injuries. He was something of a social butterfly, everyone in the neighborhood knew him for some reason or another. He was the local man who stopped a mugging, the guy who threw weekly open cookouts for 2 years straight, the eligible bachelor who's ghostly and mysterious, Anna's dad, the winner of the 1993 drinking contest at the Black Lagoon bar and pub. He was just some guy, people knew him, and he was welcome basically everywhere.

Then his daughter, on her 18th birthday was captured by a familiar face from the past; A man with eyes like a demon. Enzo was familiar with the man that killed the woman of his dreams, remembered his face despite the mere glance that he'd gotten. Revenge set in rapidly and he didn't even remotely hesitate, ending the man before he'd even gotten his name the second he'd found the hiding spot. Anna decided that it would be best if she moved out of town, since she had been kidnapped 4 times in her life thus far.

He didn't stop her, because it's basically the same thing he did. However, Anna recommended he took it to the next level and became a Hunter. It would go a long way towards helping his issue, or at least would give him a use for it. Enzo didn't understand until a month later he killed his date on the spot because she was a child abuser. Signing up and taking the following months to get a reputation around, he became Enzo the Wraith, a vigilante who kills scum without hesitation. A demon in man's flesh.

Character Image

[Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell Fyevbd

Avatar origin: Akechi Mitsuhide from Sengoku Basara

Writing Sample

(The following post is copy-pasted from another HxH Roleplay I am on. I left out the coding.)

The forest was cold, which was odd, because outside was supposed to be 80ºF outside, and it felt like a solid 50º. Damon would roll his shoulders a bit, having caught his breath, and he would think to himself. 'The temperature is lowering in here. More than shade would allow normally. I wonder what's going on... Where's all the zombies anyways? Is this linked?' His thoughts brought him to a horrible conclusion. This rare creature that was stolen could possibly be the most dangerous one. If it was an omnivore, it could have probably eaten some of the corpse puppets, some of the trees. But what if it could eat anything: a true omnivore.

His eyes would widen as he would listen, the wind was blowing unnaturally long for a clear sunny day like it was... No the wind wasn't blowing, the air was being pulled in. He would walk against the current of the wind, and after a few steps immediately heard the sound of a tree being uprooted. It was loud, sounded of dozens of bones simultaneously snapping at once, paired with a lot of dirt being lifted and falling to the ground. The green-haired employee would turn around, and see the horrifying view: a beast with with little body surface area, except for the blackness that was a 20 foot tall, 10 foot wide gate of a maw, which pulled in the matter in front of it. It devoured a whole tree without even closing its mouth.

"Are you shitting me? How did that crazy old guy catch that guy catch this beast?" he would watch the scene as he took many steps back from it. "No wonder it's not full yet, it's a black hole" he spoke to himself as he walked backwards. He would suddenly bump into something strong, and he would fall forwards for a moment spinning around to see a corpse puppet. It had glowing red eyes though, and its killing intent was already present. It leapt into the air and prepared a high-flying heel kick to land upon Damon, who's eyes would thin in pure terror at the amount of killing intent focused into that kick. Damon would run away from it, and dove into some shrubs.

When he looked back, what he saw was probably more horrifying. A leg, ripped off from the knee and bleeding, was sitting a few feet away from the zombie who threw the kick, in the middle of a crater. The corpse puppet was not moving, and the killing intent faded down to the usual for an explosion, which promptly occurred a few seconds later. "So if that basic technique was called 'Last Meal'... would this one be called 'Four Seconds'?" he would ask himself aloud with a nervous joking tone. Whatever the case may have been a small army of the animated dead would emerge from the bushes across the crater. This left Damon between a rock and a hard place, either try and fight the corpse puppets which could attempt to suicide bomb him at any second, or run away and possibly be eaten by the mobile black hole creature.
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PostSubject: Re: [Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell   [Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell EmptySun Aug 02, 2015 3:08 am

Character Stats

Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10
Strength - 10
Precision - 10
Resilience - 10
Speed - 10


Native Nen: Transmuter
Nen Theme: Water

Enzo's theme is water, which is essentially a free-flowing element which takes the shape of the the container it's in. The basis of water lies in how it flows, naturally parting around obstacles, though water has many other uses, such as suspension against the force of gravity, erosion of earthen materials, crushing pressure, and suffocating foes under waves.

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 1
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -
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[Nen-User] Enzo Cadwell
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