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 4. - Nen Ability Rules

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PostSubject: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:39 am

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:19 am

Introduction to Nen and Aura

Everyone can use some or a lot of Aura, you can use it to boost your attributes or defend against attacks, but Nen is your trump card in a fight! Nen is personal for every Character, even if some people may share the same Nen they will most likely use it differently. You can do almost anything with your Nen and as long as it is cool it is most likely within the rules.

Because Nen has so many possibilities you might end up not sure if something is possible, especially if you do not know a lot about the Hunter x Hunter universe, if you have any questions regarding Nen or these rules just send a message or drop by in the chat and ask.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:20 am

Unlocking and Expanding Nen

To unlock Nen abilities, the User needs to spend Nen Points. Every Character starts out with 1 Nen Point to spend, additional points can be bought with EXP. Nen Points can be spent on Nen Types to either increase the mastery of already unlocked types or unlock new types. Each Nen Type has 5 tiers from Beginner to Grand Master.

Picking a Nen Type

The Nen Types are: Enhancer, Transmuter, Conjurer, Emitter, Manipulator, Specialist (more on each type below).

To unlock the first Nen Type the user has to spend 1 Nen Point on it, this type becomes the Character's Native Nen Type.

  • After the first point spent the next rank costs twice as much in the same type.
  • Two times as much in neighbouring types (2 points for the first Rank).
  • Four times as much in second grade neighbouring types (4 points for the first Rank)
  • Six times as much for an opposite type (6 points for the first Rank).
  • Specialist is an exeption from the rules and if it is not picked as Native Nen Type the point cost is quadrupled (8, 16 or 24 points for the first Rank).  

The cost gets doubled each time a point is spend in the corresponding type and no Nen Type may be a higher Rank than the Native Nen Type.

Picking a Theme for your Nen

For each type you learn needs to fit your inital theme, a theme is for example “electricity”, “bullets”, “cloning”, “controlling spinning tops” or “gum”, a theme can also include a special fighting style. Two users may have the same theme. A new Nen Type can add new aspects or a new way to use your Nen within the theme.

Strengthening a Nen

Every 20th Nen Point bought a Nen can be strengthened. This means when buying the 20th, 40th, 60th and so on point you can pick one of the Nens you have mastered and increase its potency by 10%. This means all techniques of that Nen will deal 10% more damage, or have 10% higher defence value. When purchasing your 20th point please note which Nen you strengthen with this bonus. You may strengthen a Nen as often as you want.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:34 am

Types of Nen

Enhancer: Enhancer have a natural talent for the basic use of Aura, receives a 10-50% bonus to Usable Aura and a 5-30% bonus to enhanced Attributes, without using extra Aura. Their techniques revolve around boosting the strength of what some people would consider “basic” to archive great feats.
Enhancer is the only Nen Type that may use very basic "moves" as techniques which do not match a Theme.

  • Neighbouring Types are Emitter and Transmuter.

Rank 1: Usable Aura increased by 10%, bonus to enhanced Attributes +5%
Rank 2: Usable Aura increased by 20%, bonus to enhanced Attributes +15%
Rank 3: Usable Aura increased by 30%, bonus to enhanced Attributes +20%
Rank 4: Usable Aura increased by 40%, bonus to enhanced Attributes +25%
Rank 5: Usable Aura increased by 50%, bonus to enhanced Attributes +30%

Transmuter: Transmuters change the properties of their Aura. This includes the shape, but can also give it special characteristics like elemental properties or healing for example, depending on the selected theme. The potency of transmuted Aura is 5-25% higher than non-transmuted Aura. For example damage done, healing or durability of the Aura increases.

  • Neighbouring Types are Enhancer and Conjurer.

Rank 1: Potency +5%
Rank 2: Potency +10%
Rank 3: Potency +15%
Rank 4: Potency +20%
Rank 5: Potency +25%

Conjurer: Conjurer transform their Aura into an object. When picking this Nen Type the theme regulates what kind of object or objects a Conjurer can create, this can be anything from simple objects to copy of a person. When creating an object they can use up 50-90% of their Aura on the object to strengthen it. Creations use their own template for skills, with the value for base damage and durability together being equal to the initial Aura within the object (damage + durability = Aura), when creating the object. All techniques revolving around the objects use the objects own Aura reserve instead of the Users. The Usable Aura value is the same as the User's, but may not exceed 50% of the object's total Aura. Object Techniques are limited by types available to the Conjurer and his theme. They can only have one type of technique.
Object Technique Damage calculation is based on the Objects linked Attribute of the Conjurer and can be augmented by expending more Object Aura. Damage of the Object itself if used as a weapon (e.G.: striking someone with a Sword) is directly linked to the Objects damage ratio based on original Aura amount and linked Attribute.
After dispelling or destroyed the object the User regain 75-100% of the Aura still remaining within the item.

  • Neighbouring Types are Transmuter and Specialist.

Rank 1: Object Aura up to 50% of Users Aura, regained Aura 75%
Rank 2: Object Aura up to 60% of Users Aura, regained Aura 80%
Rank 3: Object Aura up to 70% of Users Aura, regained Aura 90%
Rank 4: Object Aura up to 80% of Users Aura, regained Aura 95%
Rank 5: Object Aura up to 90% of Users Aura, regained Aura 100%

Emitter: Emitter separate their aura from their body to use it for ranged attacks similar to bullets. All Aura used in an Emitter technique is lost, as it is fired away from the body, in return all Emitter techniques require 25-50% less Aura. Beside enhancing the damage a technique does with Aura, Emitter can also increase the size of the emitted Aura, by adding more Aura to their techniques.

  • Neighboring Types are Enhancer and Manipulator.

Rank 1: Techniques require 25% less Aura
Rank 2: Techniques require 30% less Aura
Rank 3: Techniques require 35% less Aura
Rank 4: Techniques require 40% less Aura
Rank 5: Techniques require 50% less Aura

Manipulator: Manipulators transfer their Aura in objects or living being to take control over them and move them according to their will. The movement capacity of the controlled entity depends mostly on the entity's characteristics (a heavy stone will not suddenly be able to fly).
To control a NPC the user has to be a Manipulator of at least rank 4 and use as much Aura as the target's Health + Aura, normal human health is around 100-500 depending on fitness and has 0 Aura unless they are Nen Users. The control over normal human NPC lasts an entire topic. A Nen NPC always breaks free after 5-10 posts.
To control a PC the user has to be a Manipulator of at least rank 5 and use as much Aura as the target's Health + Aura. While controlling a PC the amount of used Aura is halved every post and the controlled PC can use their Usable Aura to lower this even more When the amount of foreign Aura in their body reaches 0 the PC breaks free and is immune to manipulation in the same post.
While controlling a NPC or PC the Manipulator may make the controlled use any technique the Manipulator has knowledge of for free and all attributes of the controlled are boosted by the amount of Manipulator Aura in their body at once.
All types of control over living beings has to have a condition like for example touching the target.

  • Neighbouring Types are Emitter and Specialist.

Rank 4: May manipulate NPCs
Rank 5: May manipulate PCs

Specialist: Specialist is the rarest type of Nen. It can be almost anything. Specialist techniques may even share similarities to techniques of other Nen Types, but they will use 50% more Aura in that case and still need to match the selected theme. If Specialist is not picked as first Nen Type the points needed to rank it up are quadrupled. Any kind of Specialist Nen will be regulated on case by case basis.

  • Neighbouring Types are Conjurer and Manipulator.

Ranks: Case by case!

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:37 am

Details on Themes

Themes can be anything as said above. When thinking of a theme you should be as detailed as possible and think of the restrictions that come with it. Do not be vague, do not pick “Sky” as your theme and then think of including everything from flying, to controlling weather, to creating clouds, to controlling light, to speaking with birds. Be reasonable. But do not only think about the first Nen you pick, think about how you would use your theme in different Nen Types.

The theme will be part of your Character's Attribute Sheet and therefore needs to be approved together with your Character. Pick a suitable name for it and describe it properly.

Each of your Nen Types can add a different aspect to it, but they can not turn it into completely different. For example if your Native Nen is Transmutater with the “Fire” theme and you learn Conjurer later, you could not conjure “Water”, on the other hand it would be fitting to conjure a flaming sword.

Since themes are so vague and can be almost anything, the Staff is always happy to help you, so feel free to ask anything you want about it.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:43 am

Your Nen

Once your Character together with his or her Nen Theme is approved and you picked the Native Nen Type, you should head over to the Custom Skills Forum and introduce your Nen Ability. To do so use this template:

Nen Ability Name

Theme: (Your Theme)
Type: (The Type of Nen)

Description: (Describe the Nen's abilities, if necessary: restrictions and special characteristics)

[b]Nen Ability Name[/b]



Nen Ability Name: You can name your Nen whatever you want as long as it is not against the Forum rules.

Theme: Here just put the name of your theme.

Type: The type your Nen belongs to, at the beginning this would be your starter Nen.

Description: Describe what your Nen specializes in, what it can do and so on. All Techniques you will be able to do will be based on this. Since Nen is special it might give you advantages or even alter some of the rules and make new things possible. Also if you want to add any restrictions to your Nen to strengthen it, it has to be mentioned here. The stronger the restriction, the stronger the possible boost to your Nen.

Once you created your own Nen the Staff will take a look at it and approve it or help you make necessary changes.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:47 am

Skills & Techniques

Techniques can be anything from a special form of attack like a karate-chop enhanced with Aura, an explosive orb of Aura, controlling a storm of petals enhanced with Aura to cut your opponent apart or anything you want. The only limiting factors are the Nen Types your character has mastered and sometimes his or her attributes.

To create a new Technique all you have to do is follow this template and post it into the Custom Skills Forum.

Technique Name

Nen Type: (Enhancer, Transmuter, Conjurer, Emitter, Manipulator, Specialist)
Theme: (Your Nen Theme)
Linked Attribute: (The Character Attribute affecting this Technique)
Aura Used: (How much Aura is needed to even activate this technique)
Range: (Self, Short, Medium, Long)

Prerequisites: (For example Attribute Rank to use this Technique, if necessary)
Description: (Describe the Technique's effect, if necessary: restrictions, size or other special characteristics)

[b]Technique Name[/b]

[b]Nen Type:[/b]
[b]Linked Attribute:[/b]
[b]Aura Used:[/b]

[b]Description: [/b]

Technique Names: You can name your technique whatever you want as long as it is not against the Forum rules.

Nen Type: Please look at the Nen Rules too see what each Nen Type is able to do.

Theme: Please look at the Nen Theme Rules to see this explained. Techniques that do not match your theme will be denied.

Linked Attribute: Most Techniques are affected by your Character's Attributes. For example a strong physical attack gets stronger with your Character's Strength, a defensive Technique that tries to evade most of the opponent's attacks would increase with Speed.

Aura Used: All techniques require at least some Aura to even use. For example to shoot a bullet made of Aura, you have to emit enough Aura to create a bullet in the size you are aiming for or if you want to control 10 spinning tops, you need to use enough Aura for each of those. Even the smallest Nen Technique requires 1 Aura and in general you can expect 1 Aura per 2 damage the technique does.  

Range: Self, means you target yourself or someone you are touching. Short refers to something within arms reach to a few meters. Medium can be anything further away than a few meters up to the size of a basketball field. Long is the range you need when aiming to snipe someone across from another building, it ranges as far as you can see.

Prerequisites: If your technique for example involves super fast or precise movements, or you need to activate another technique before, then you should mention this here.

Description: Be as detailed as you want here, mention the size, the duration, the appearance, the speed and most important the effect.

Once you created your new Technique a Staff Member will look at it and if it gets approved you can learn it by paying EXP.

Using additional Aura on Techniques

Increasing the Damage or Defence: Techniques may be able to defend against or deal damage, but by default their value is 0 + Linked Attribute. To increase this the User has to spend additional Aura on the Technique. The damage or defence value increases by 2 for each point of Aura used (rate 1:2).

Other Effects: Techniques may have effects other than damage or defence, for example they may move an object or the user. In this case it depends on the Description of the Technique. For example an additional 10 Aura may move an Object one meter further.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:32 am

Special Technique Effects

Other than damage or defence Nen Techniques can offer many effects, some are covered by the rules, others are left to your common sense and writing ability. Most important is to remember that your theme might not allow you to cause all these effects, for example a fire theme would not allow you to heal someone.

Anything that alters the environment, for example flooding a room or covering it in darkness. Please use your own logic when using or dealing with such an effect. If you feel like such an effect is ignored during a PVP fight always call the Staff and have them take a look at it.

Most effects that directly affect another Character on the other hand are covered by clear rules.

Healing: This works by directly turning your Aura into Health at a rate of 1.5 Aura to 1 Health. Also if you use your Aura to heal you will not regain 90% of you used Aura. All Aura transformed into Health is lost and only regained after leaving the Topic.

Cursing Nen: Cursing Nen means to infuse your Aura into the opponent. Similar to boosting Attributes this can allow to lower attributes at a 1:1 rate. When you force your Aura into the opponent this Aura is obviously not regained but lingers in the opponent, till it is purged or you leave the Topic.

Draining Health: If a technique is able to do this the value may not exceed 25% of the damage done by the technique.

Draining Aura: Is not possible! You can not take someone else's Aura and add it to your own.

Attacking Aura: A technique may attack Aura just like it can attack Health. If you want to attack both in the same technique the Aura needed for the technique obviously increases.

Paralysing or Disabling: If you have a Technique that can paralyse or otherwise disable a body part of your opponent, it does not deal damage to the Health of the target. The damage value of the technique becomes “theoretical”. To determine if you can disable a limb the theoretical damage would have to be at least as high as 1/4th of the target's Health. This effect will last the entire Topic unless healed.

Damage over time: For example a poison or maybe fire themed Nen could use such techniques. If your technique is able to do this the damage the target takes is 10% of the initial damage per turn until healed or the end of the Topic. Effects like burning or acid may also be undone with just enough rolling on the floor, water or other means to get them off your body.

Exorcising Nen: Once someone had negative Nen infused into them you can remove it, if you are able to exorcise Aura. The amount of Aura you need to use for this is equal to the Aura used, when infusing the negative Nen. Has someone for example used 100 Aura to lower a persons attributes by 100 points, you will need to use 100 Aura to exorcise that negative effect. The same counts to undo a disabling or damage over time effect.

There are many more effects you can cause with techniques, these will either be handled case by case when you present the technique or require you and your opponent to use common sense.

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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:16 pm

Three Special Uses of Nen

These three Techniques are something every Nen User can do, but they can affect your combat greatly. Their names are “En”, “In” and “Detection Gyo”.

En: The act of expanding your Aura to create an area in which you can detect any movement. It is a rather draining Technique and requires 10 Aura per 1m you want to stretch this. This Aura would have to be used every post you want to use En.

In: In allows people to hide their Aura, making it undetectable and invisible to the eye. To use In on your Aura you need to use at least 100 Aura on it, the more Aura you use the harder it becomes to detect. Aura hidden by In can not be detected via En, but it does not hide people. This Aura would have to be used every post you want to use In.

Detection Gyo: Means to focus the Aura on one's eyes to detect other's Aura hidden by In. The Aura used for this needs to be half as high as the Aura spend on In to just see a vague shape of the hidden Aura and equal to it to see it clearly. This Aura would have to be used every post you want to use Detection Gyo.

These Techniques can be included in your own custom Techniques and will have to be covered case by case.  

When one of these Techniques is used in a post it needs to be mentioned below, including the Aura spend on it. If this is not done it will not have any effect! More Informations on the use of Techniques can be found in the Combat Rules.
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PostSubject: Re: 4. - Nen Ability Rules   

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4. - Nen Ability Rules
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