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 3. - Character Rules

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PostSubject: 3. - Character Rules   Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:21 am

Creating a Character

Generally, characters from the original series, as in manga and show, are not allowed. The same goes for characters that are an obvious imitation of canon characters. Or generally characters from series and shows. Getting inspiration is okay, but not simply taking a complete carboncopy off some role. This will be judged on discretion of the team member working on your application.

Your application gets to have it's own thread in Character Applications with the Character name for a title. The first post should contain the character sheet, filled out with your character's information.You'll find the blank sheet with explanations in the next post.

All characters must be humans, with only one exception. Minor animal traits like ears and tails (e.G. catgirl) are allowed, as long as it is only a cosmetic feature with no advantages over others. And only as long as the vast majority of the characters appearance stays human. Furthermore, all characters origins must be within the known world of HxH.

Fill out every point of your character sheet. Even if the character doesn't know their last name or parts of their history for example, they needs to be listed. Because the information could be relevant for the RP at some point and it makes your character less one-dimensional.
This goes for every part of your character sheet. Try to not just describe your character image under 'Appearance & Clothing' but maybe also what kind and style of clothes or hairdo they like. Explain personality traits, where they come from and what effects they have on the character.
Also try to balance your strengths and weaknesses. The more strengths your character has, that are useful in combat, the more weaknesses that are detrimental to it they need to have as well.

Your history should at least be about 500 words and not have too large gaps or time skips in it that are not explained. Ideally, it also explains how your character became who they are as far as their personality traits and such goes. Remember that you are just starting your adventure with your start in the RP, so try to keep your character's abilities and achievements reasonable for the fact that they are still more or less beginners when you start playing.

The image if your character should not be too large, but also not too small. Try to at least be around 400x400 pixels in dimensions. Team members can assist you with re-sizing if you find it difficult to make your image fit into the post. Additionally, try to find an image that shows a decent amount of the character, at least a portrait or bust format, ideally even more of their body and overall impression. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate image, team members or anyone else can possibly help you out.
The same goes for the origin of the character, if you don't know, another member might.

Lastly, provide us with a sample of your posting style. This can be anything from an old post of yours to something you made up just then. It can, but does not have to relate to the character you are trying to make or HxH.
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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:21 am

Personal Information

First & Last Name: {the character's name}
Age: {the character's age}
Eye color: {the character's eye color}
Hair color: {the character's hair color}
Weight & Height: {the character's height and weight}

Appearance & Clothing: {describe how the character looks}

Special features: {describe any especially noteable features in detail}

Origin and family

Origin: {where the character comes from}

Family & close People: {any noteworthy people from the character's past}


Personality & Behaviour: {describe the character's personality and how they act}

Strengths & Weaknesses: {describe the good and bad traits of your character}

Goals: {what your character wants to achieve}


{History, make it at least 500 words long}

Character Image


Avatar origin: {name of the original character and where it's from}

Writing Sample


Copy & Paste template
[b][size=18][u]Personal Information[/u][/size][/b]

[b]First & Last Name:[/b]
[b]Eye color:[/b] 
[b]Hair color:[/b]
[b]Weight & Height:[/b]

[b]Appearance & Clothing:[/b] 

[b]Special features:[/b] 

[size=18][b][u]Origin and family[/u][/b][/size]


[b]Family & close People:[/b] 


[b]Personality & Behaviour:[/b] 

[b]Strengths & Weaknesses:[/b]



[size=18][b][u]Character Image[/u][/b][/size]

[img]Image URL[/img]

[i]Avatar origin[/i]:

[size=18][b][u]Writing Sample[/u][/b][/size]

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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:22 am

Stat Sheet

The second post in your character's application should be your stat sheet. This sheet is used to keep track of your character's attributes, Nen mastery, learned techniques and obtained items.

On character creation, this sheet remains largely unchanged from the template below. Initially all you have to do is pick a native Nen type and a theme for your Nen. According with your chosen native Nen, you will have to spend your first, free Nen Rank point on it and change the appropriate Nen type's rank to 1.
Nen Ability Rules explain Nen and Mastery in more detail, as well as how Nen Themes work.

Attributes are at their starting values already. You are given starting EXP to raise attributes, master Nen and learn techniques after approval. Read to learn about all kinds of EXP spending respectively.

For more details on how to obtain items, please check the rules for items.


Health - 100
Aura - 100
Usable Aura - 10
Strength - 10
Precision - 10
Resilience - 10
Speed - 10


Native Nen: - N/A -
Nen Theme: - N/A -

Nen-Points purchased: 0

Enhancer: Rank 0
Transmuter: Rank 0
Conjurer: Rank 0
Specialist: Rank 0
Manipulator: Rank 0
Emitter: Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -

Copy & Paste Sheet
[b][size=18][u]Character Stats[/u][/size][/b]

[b]Health[/b] - 100
[b]Aura[/b] - 100
[b]Usable Aura[/b] - 10
[b]Strength[/b] - 10
[b]Precision[/b] - 10
[b]Resilience[/b] - 10
[b]Speed[/b] - 10


[b]Native Nen:[/b] - N/A -
[b]Nen Theme:[/b] - N/A -

[b]Nen-Points purchased:[/b] 0

[b]Enhancer:[/b] Rank 0
[b]Transmuter:[/b] Rank 0
[b]Conjurer:[/b] Rank 0
[b]Specialist:[/b] Rank 0
[b]Manipulator:[/b] Rank 0
[b]Emitter:[/b] Rank 0


- N/A -


- N/A -

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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:23 am


Health: Represents the amount of damage a character can take before passing out or dying.
Aura: Represents the total Aura amount of a character's. If this reaches 0 the character passes out.
Usable Aura: Represents the amount of Aura usable in one post. Using Aura means losing Aura, each use of Aura tires the user and 10% of the used Aura is lost. The other 90% return to the total Aura pool.

Strength: Represents the base physical strength of a character.
Precision: Represents the precision of movements and eye-hand coordination.
Resilience: Represents how much damage a character can ignore.
Speed: Represents the base speed of a character.

All attributes can be enhanced with Usable Aura, at a rate of 1:1. An Attribute may not be more than doubled like this. Each Attribute has ranks that can be used to understand how much the amount in points mean in it, in theory the list goes on after the 10th rank.

10 - Rank 1 – Fit
20 - Rank 2
40 - Rank 3
80 - Rank 4
160 - Rank 5
320 - Rank 6 – Max Normal Human NPC
640 - Rank 7
1280 - Rank 8
2660 - Rank 9
5320 - Rank 10 – Godly


More on Attributes and their effect can be found in the Combat Rules and the Item Rules.

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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:23 am

Experience points & Experience costs

When your Character Application is approved and has been reposted in Character Sheets, you will get 100 free starting Experience points, or EXP. Which you can use to strengthen your Character by learning techniques, upgrading your stats or buying Nen Points. All these options come at differing costs which will be covered in this section.

Character Attributes start at the default values of 100 for Health and Aura, 10 for all other Attributes and upgrade on a per-point basis at different exchange ratios as following:

Health 1:1
Aura 1:1 
Usable Aura 5:1 
Other Attributes 2:1

So to obtain an additional Healthpoint, or HP, you have to pay one Experience point. The same is true for Aura. Usable Aura on the contrary, costs 5 EXP to increase by one point. All other, physical, Attributes increase by half of the Experience amount you paid to increase them.

Purchasing additional Nen Points has an increasing cost that starts out at 10 EXP for your first point after the free Point from your application and increases by 10 EXP for each purchase. So your second purchased Nen Point would cost 20 EXP, the third would be 30 EXP and so on.

The last use for Experience points is learning techniques. How much EXP you have to pay for a technique depends on it's and your Nen-Type. The further away from your native Nen the techniques Type is on the Nen-Hexagon, the more expensive it is to learn. You cannot learn techniques of Nen-Types you have not invested any Nen Points in.

Native Nen: 15 EXP
Neighbouring Nen: 30 EXP
Second-grade Neighbouring Nen: 50 EXP
Opposite Nen: 100 EXP

Conjurer Object Technique: 15 EXP (one free technique for each object with 0% damage value)

All of these purchases can be made simply by posting in the appropriate subforums and threads of the EXP Shop.

You can obtain additional EXP after your initial starting gift simply by posting. Usually you will get 1 EXP for 1 in-RP post. Certain activities like Quests can reward larger amounts of EXP as part of their rewards.

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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:34 am

Updating your Character

When your Character progresses and changes or learns new things it is often necessary to change the sheet representing the Character. You may do so at any time in the Character Sheets forum, but when you do any changes to your sheet you MUST post a note with the original passage and the now changed passage below your sheet to document your change. If your change required you to purchase an item or spend EXP please link to the topic where you did so. Any change done without any documentation will not become effective and if the staff notices such changes on a bigger scale you will be punished.
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PostSubject: Re: 3. - Character Rules   

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3. - Character Rules
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