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 Haute Couture [Alice]

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PostSubject: Re: Haute Couture [Alice]    Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:46 am

As expected of Ali-chan, she wasn't one to make a plan and stick with it, in that way she and Melanie were pretty similar; both of them just went with the flow. But Melly lived by an odd balance of emotion and detachment, flowing with the winds and the tides of fate; while Alice seemingly burned away whatever stood in her path. Neither of them were too keen on being bound to something or another, they just went about it in different ways. She looked around to gaze at the imposing tower alongside the redhead, before looking back at her pretty face and alluring body; Mel just couldn't get over how much she loved hanging out with her, for every possible reason she could think of:

"Yup, we defenitely should.", Melly agreed with a warm, elegant but impish smile looking into those amber jewels reassuringly, "Well, then I won't let you miss out on anymore fun!"

She tugged onto her hand, heading on back towards the hotel with endless amusement on her face. Maybe tonight they have something fun to do as well...

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Haute Couture [Alice]
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