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 Small Addition to the Rules for Items and Character

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PostSubject: Small Addition to the Rules for Items and Character   Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:44 am

First of here we go with a list of how durable most materials are around you, so you can figure out what you can and can not break:

Quote :
Most things in the world are breakable with enough force, remember to break something you either need to bring its durability to 0 by relentlessly hitting it, or by doing shock damage, which means dealing half of the durability in one hit.

Here a small overview of the average durability of materials:

  • Glass & Ice: 10
  • Wooden Furniture: 20
  • Wood: 40
  • Stone: 100
  • Concrete: 200
  • Security Glass: 200
  • Metals: 300
  • Iron: 600
  • Steel: 900
  • Fancy Material: 1,000-2,000
  • Diamond: 5,000
  • Absolute Legendary Maximum: 10,000

But keep in mind that, if an attack is unable to deal at least 10% of the other item's durability in damage the attacker will suffer an aditional lose to his own item's durability or health equal to 10% of the target's durability.

This can be found in the item rules under “Surrounding” from now on.

Also thanks to the help of Northland, who wrote most of this, we now have a description of each attribute rank and how awesome your character is. I hope this helps with getting a better picture of what your character can do with those points:


These can now be found in the Character Rules under Attributes.
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Small Addition to the Rules for Items and Character
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